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Who We Are

PEC Private Education Counselor
  • Web based platform.
  • American Teachers can create lessons based on their topic of choice and share it with students in China.
  • Real time live via the internet.
  • One-to-one opportunity for interaction.

What We Do


We are committed to share the United States' most advanced teaching philosophy and curriculum.


We match up American teachers who are dedicated to teaching Chinese students who wish to study overseas and improve their English skills.


Let American teachers showcase their teaching capabilities and earn a lot of money.

Why You Should Join Us

  • Large Market
  • Thousands of Students
  • Beyond your Imagination
Using spare time to earn extra income
  • Teaching online
  • Giving lessons at home
  • Convenient and flexible
Achieve education commitment, show off teaching ability
  • Become an international teacher
  • Experience different cultures
Flexibility to create and teach what your know best
Room for growth
  • A huge teaching resource library available to you directly
  • Convenient for teaching a class
We have a professional teaching, research, and services team as your resource and support

What We Require

Active or retired US teachers and other education-related practitioners

  • ESL、AP teaching experience in the US.
  • Bachelor's degree in any field.
  • Tech Requirements: Desktop or Laptop with fast Internet connection and audio/video capability.

How To Do It?

Resume Interview Demo lesson Sign contract Use our course or your own course schedule Teach(Teaching time 50 minutes + 10 minutes writing feedback letter)